New Simlog Reconditioning Plan for Old Operator Chairs

Simlog Operator Chairs were introduced in 2012 and now, after many years of regular use, some of those first Operator Chairs are no longer functional.

For that reason, Simlog is pleased to offer a new Reconditioning Plan as follows.

  • new (replacement) steering wheel assembly with
    • a new enclosure for the steering wheel with improved "latching" for pivoting and telescoping
    • new gearing design for the steering wheel, for improved auto-calibration
    • new interface electronics
  • new (replacement) casters that are much larger (3"), to make it easier to move the Operator Chair from place to place

(As part of the same plan, we will also correct any Operator Chair problem associated with the three brake pedals or with the two push-buttons in the left and right consoles.)

Practically, reconditioning means sending your Operator Chair back to Simlog for work at our factory (nothing can be done at the customer site).

To learn more, please contact Simlog.