Coming Soon: Simlog's New Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator!

Skid Steer Loader 3D model with bucket attachment Skid Steer Loader 3D model with forks attachment

The skid-steer loader is a versatile, mobile machine that may be equipped with a wide variety of attachments to perform different jobsite tasks; the two most common attachments are buckets and forks.

Practically, because of its small size and simple operator controls, the skid-steer loader is considered an "entry level" kind of heavy equipment, so that's where operator training often begins.

Simlog's new Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator will put you at the controls of a typical skid steer loader at work in a typical construction site, with options for both "vertical" and "radius" lift path types (lift arm geometries).

And like all our leading products, there will be the same functionality for set-up with either one display in front, one in front and one in back (to teach people to look backwards when moving backwards), or three in front for a 180 degree "panoramic" view and one in back.

Practically, Simlog's new Skid Steer Personal Simulator will complete our line-up of Personal Simulators for the major "families" of earth-moving equipment, joining Backhoe Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, and Off-Highway Truck (with Motor Grader on the horizon).

Simulator Controls

There will be two configurations for the (USB-ready) simulator controls, as per the two kinds of operator controls in the cabins of real skid steer loaders:

  • just two (multi-purpose) joysticks, that you can also use with many other Personal Simulators
  • the same two joysticks and "rocker-style" pedals, the same ones used for Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator

Multipurpose Replica Joysticks with Tabletop Brackets 2-Pedal Replica Controls Unit

Other configuration parameters will allow instructors to modify the 3D modelling to select different colour combinations and in the video below, we present two choices.

Simulation Modules

The Simulation Modules will present training scenarios typical of real skid steer loader work and for each one, key "Performance Indicators" will measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed, as well as tracking events related to safety and operating procedures.

For the bucket attachment:

  • Controls Familiarization, to learn the "what does what"
  • Positioning, like many Simlog products (Backhoe Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Bulldozer, etc.)
  • Stockpiling, to load, move, and dump rough material on the ground (like Backhoe Loader)
  • Truck Loading, like "Stockpiling" but now dumping to a dump truck (like Backhoe Loader, but new truck 3D modelling)

For the fork attachments:

  • Slalom, for driving forwards and backwards, likely several versions for loads of different kinds/sizes (like Forklift)
  • Load Handling 1, with initial and target positions for the loads on the ground (like Forklift)
  • Load Handling 2, like "Load Handling 1" but now working with a flatbed truck (like Forklift)


Simlog's new Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator is scheduled for release by the end of this calendar year (2019).

To Learn More

This information was last updated on September 30, 2019. To learn more, please contact Simlog.