Instructional Companions for Simlog's Personal Simulators

To help our customers better use their Personal Simulators, Simlog now provides Instructional Companion "eBooks", in "ePub" format.

Each Instructional Companion features descriptions of the Simulation Modules from the product's User Manual along with the Instructional Videos, to serve as a "stand alone" pedagogical aid, separate from the Personal Simulator.

The "ePub" format files can be viewed on all the popular technology platforms, as follows:

  • For iPads and other iOS devices, use Apple's (built-in) "iBooks" application.

  • For Windows PCs, Simlog recommends the Calibre eBook reader.

  • For Android tablets, there are many choices from Amazon, Google, etc.

To learn more, please contact Simlog.

(This information was last updated on April 25, 2022.)