Coming Next Year: Wheel Loader Personal Simulator - Version 2

At Simlog, we understand that it's important to continue to improve existing products even as we continue to develop new ones. And so after the successful launch of "Skid Steer Loader" earlier this year, we have now begun a major software upgrade for "Wheel Loader".

Practically, new Version 2 will borrow much from "Skid Steer Loader", including new functionality for

  • best-in-class simulation graphics and simulation physics
  • setups with 1, 2, or 4 displays (instead of just one)

all the while using the same simulator controls as per Version 1:
  • tabletop Replica Controls
  • Simlog Operator Chair

(There is no sound for the screen capture video.)

The major software upgrade will also re-position "Wheel Loader" for construction (instead of quarrying/mining) and for that reason, Version 2 will feature

  • new 3D modelling of "medium-size" equipment (instead of "large-size")
  • both a bucket and forks, to better reflect typical heavy equipment operations in the construction industry.

Simulation Modules

A total of nine Simulation Modules will present training scenarios typical of (real) wheel loader work and for each one, key "Performance Indicators" will measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed, as well as tracking events related to safety and operating procedures.

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Positioning
  • Stockpiling 1 - work with the bucket on level ground
  • Stockpiling 2 - work with the bucket on slopes
  • Truck Loading 1 - work with the bucket to load a waiting articulated truck
  • Truck Loading 2 - work with the bucket to spot and load an articulated truck
  • Load Handling 1 - work with the forks on level ground
  • Load Handling 2 - work with the forks on slopes
  • Load Handling 3 - work with the forks to load/unload a flatbed truck


Simlog's Wheel Loader Personal Simulator - Version 2 will be priced as per our other Personal Simulators for the major "families" of earth-moving equipment: Backhoe Loader, Bulldozer, and Hydraulic Excavator.

About Software Upgrading

For customers who previously purchased "Wheel Loader", Version 2 will be sold as a half price software upgrade, as per the details presented on our Web site.


Version 2 of Simlog's Wheel Loader Personal Simulator is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2021.

To Learn More

This information was last updated on November 17, 2020. To learn more, please contact Simlog.